Richard M. Williams attended Oakwood College, University of Rochester, State
University of New York at Brockport, and State University of New York at Buffalo and
Rochester Institute of Technology. From these institutions he earned a bachelor’s
degree in  psychology, Masters degree in Health Science, Masters degree in Service
Leadership & Innovation, and a Doctorate in Health Education.
Serving as an Assistant Professor at the State University of New York for several years,
Dr. Williams taught an array of courses. They included health education, consumer
health, health and the media, life concepts, and program evaluation.

Traveling to over 27 countries, he has appeared on more than 70 different radio talk
shows discussing issues concerning the black family, education and black health. Dr.
Williams has appeared on national television shows such as
Black Entertainment
, Morton Downey Show, and the Oprah Winfrey Show. He has appeared as key
speaker at colleges across the United States and Caribbean.
Dr. Williams has conducted workshops and seminars on education, family, and health at
schools, churches, and agencies. For three years Dr. Williams served as the Chairman
of the Greater Rochester Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission. He has authored several
published books. Most recently is
Who’s Defining Education for Your Child? A guide for
African American Parents
co-authored by Rhonda Williams. Other books include the
bestseller, T
hey Stole It, But You Must Return It and Torches of the Road of Passage.
Dr. Williams have received numerous awards including, Distinguished Educator, and
Author/Lecture Award from the Martin Luther King, Jr. Greater Rochester Commission.  
Dr. Williams believes education is not just a privilege; it’s a responsibility.
Rhonda L. Williams completed her undergraduate studies at Spelman College in
Atlanta, Georgia. After working in the corporate sector for three years, she felt
compelled to enter the field of public education. Securing a Masters of Arts degree in
Teaching with a major in Curriculum and Instructional Leadership from the University of
Memphis, in Memphis Tennessee, Ms Williams began her 20 + year career as an
educator. In addition to her masters degree in education she has earned additional
certification in the areas of Gifted Education, English Speakers of Other Languages, as
well as Administrative Leadership.

Serving as a classroom teacher for 16 years provided a strong foundation for Ms.
Williams when she transitioned into positions of leadership in 2006. She spearheaded
the School Improvement Team for several years, as well as the department chair for
the English Department. In her work targeting students at-risk for graduating from high
school, Ms. Williams instituted programs that included strong alliances from the
business community.  Ms. Williams has been honored as Distinguished Teacher,
recognized by the National Leadership Forum and served as an assessor for the
National Board for Professional Teaching. Additionally, she presented at the National
Leadership Summit, Cobb County School District RTI Conference, as well as the Cobb
County Family Engagement Summit.

Currently, as a school district level Education Program Specialist, Ms. Williams provides
training and support for both general education and special education teachers across
the district. Most recently, Ms. Williams co-authored the book entitled
Who’s Defining
Education for Your Child: A Guide for African American Parents.
Ms. Williams'
commitment to the education of children is reflected in her belief that
one person can
make a meaningful difference

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