They Stole It, But You Must Return It is an excellent book for all African
Americans. It is the   # 1 primer for self- awareness and self-growth. This book
examines how slavery effects the concepts, attitudes, and behaviors of Blacks
today. In addition to explaining how slavery damaged the black male, the black
female, and the black family, it also maps out how to rebuild and regain that which
was lost. The second half of the book focuses on how Blacks can have better health
without spending a lot of money.
The Department of Health and Human Services,
Office of Minority Health
has put this book on its 'Recommended Reading List For
African Americans'. Every African American should own and read this book. This
book will be one of the best $15.00 investments you will ever make.
""This book takes an unique approach examining the historical aspects of the black family.
Its distinctive approach makes for extraordinary reading. Its meaning is clear, precise, and
brings new understanding to the many facets of the black family."
About Time Magazine
"This book should be read and shared by all people of African descent. It is a primer on the
wholistic approach for Black survival."
Claudia Brown, Director of Education - Urban League of Rochester
Torches on the Road of Passage is thought provoking. Every African America should read
and process the information calls for re-examing our past our present."
Rev. Raymond Graves - Pastor of New Bethel CME Church.

"A great writer named Ellen G. White wrote the greatest need of the work is the need of
men... Dr. Richard Williams, in his book
Torches on the Road of Passage has provided the
steps of taking a boy and making him into a man. The book is spectacular and a must read
for all fathers and sons
James F. Parham Ph.D. - Pastor of Seventh-day Adventist Church

"Torches on the Road of Passage depicting the marvelous worth of African Stories and
Proverbs is at long last our discovery measuring back from Aesop to present day."
John Walker, Ph.D. - Prof. of African American Studies & Pastor of Christian
Friendship Baptist Church

"This book, Torches on the Road of Passage, is engaging, insightful and a compelling
collections of African,Biblical proverbs that make for a wonderfully written guide and
important reading."
Minister Franklin Florence - Sr. Pastor of Central Church Of Christ & President of
These books present a 'new agenda' for African Americans to obtain stronger families, better
health, and better educational experiences for our children.  
The Black Book Guide describes
the book
They Stole It But You Must Return It as a young classic. Who's Defining Education
for Your Child
is the book that every African American parent should read and use.  Torches
on the Road of Passage
is particularly helpful to the growth of the young male's development
into manhood and fatherhood. These books should be part of every African American's home
library - A must read.
Who's Defining Education for Your Child?
They Stole It But You Must It   
Torches on the Road of Passage
Who's Defining Education for Your Child? points out how African American
parents can build educational success for their child in spite of the negative effects of
history and tradition.  It outlines the steps necessary for parents to counter these
effects. This book provides solutions by helping frame a strong definition of
education, as well as how to create a home environment that support the definition.

"In order to ensure that students receive the educational opportunities that prepare them for
the challenges of the 21st century, parents must motivate their children to engage in
learning so they can achieve school success.  '
Who’s Defining Education for Your Child'  
provides some concrete strategies for parents to help address the issues that shortcut the
academic success of African American youth and it illustrates a compelling story for why you
can’t just let others define educational experiences for your child."
Dr. Kimberly Matier, Principal
Who's Defining
Education for Your
They Stole It But
You Must Return It
Torches on The
Road of Passage
Torches on The Road of Passage, is about insights (torches) the may shed light
on the pathway of manhood and fatherhood for the young black male. The torches
are lit from three sources. These sources are: African proverbs and stories from a
cross section of African countries; Biblical proverbs, and parables; and the author's
Special Books for African Americans