African American Parent Workshop

               Defining Education for Your Child
This workshop addresses some of the institutional practices and policies
that impede the success of African American children. Our approach
includes raising awareness among African American parents about these
hindrances which are rooted in culture and tradition, yet interfere with
student success. Far too many African Americans are not seeing and
experiencing the full spectrum of education and its benefits. This
workshop examines the purpose of education and offers suggestions to
help parents fully equip their children for successful educational

Workshop Outline

I.    Understanding why African Americans experience problems with obtaining an adequate

II.   Defining education for success

III.  Understanding the educational role of parents

IV. A plan parents can master--steps and strategies for educational success

Benefits for Stakeholders

  • Students gain a clearer mindset for learning, improved learning experiences and better

  • Parents identify clearly defined roles for supporting the educational experiences of their

  • Teachers garner a greater support system from parents

  • Society populates more productive citizens