Dr. Richard M. Williams speaks on issues affecting African-Americans, including problems
facing the black male, problems facing the black female, effectively educating the black
child,adopting positive health practices, and understanding and building positive
relationships. His presentations are provocative, challenging, educational, entertaining,
and sometimes disturbing. He explains why African-Americans must determine their
destiny by themselves and for themselves.

Dr. Williams also shows how a historical chain of circumstances has led to a cycle of
self-defeating behavior. However. He believes that Blacks can rid themselves of this
legacy within one generation of concerted effort. He believes that this change must start
now. Dr. Williams argues that African-Americans are the only foreign group for whom
America aggressively prohibited the continuation of culture, mores, tradition, and other
factors. He points out these factors support and maintain self-appreciation,
self-determination and self-development. He believes that his denial, rather than any
biological and intellectual differences, has caused an imbalance in the economical and
educational progression.

Dr. Williams also speaks to how the terrible experiences suffered by the Black slaves
have left some lasting effects on the health and health habits of Blacks today. Dr.
Williams addresses the need to improve the physical, economical, spiritual, and
psychological health of African-Americans. He believes and advocates that a black
agenda and an effective Black network system are necessary for healthy growth and

Target Audiences:
o        College Students
o        Churches
o        Teachers
o        Parents
o        Agencies
o        Junior and High School Students

Sample of Groups He Has Addressed:
o        Black Student Associations/Unions
o        Annual Family Development Conferences
o        National Conferences on the Black Family
o        NAACP
o        Urban League
o        Annual Black Male Conferences
o        Annual Indiana Black Expo
o        Annual Black Family Reunion
o        Teacher's Conferences
o        Church Development Conferences

KEYNOTE SPEAKER at Breakfasts, Luncheons, and Banquets for colleges,
Federations, Conferences, , Agencies, and Churches.

Dr. Williams has appeared on more that 70 different radio and TV talk shows including
The Oprah Winfrey Show and Black Entertainment Network (BET)

Sample Statements about His Presentations
"Stimulating and provocative presentation..." Dr. Harley Flack - Washington D.C.
"His wisdom and expertise have had an impact on helping us." Dr. Joyce Ball - Atlanta, GA
"Provocative, informative, and inspiring seminars." Dr. Alfred R. Jones - Pine Forge, PA

For information on Workshops or Speaking Engagements, CALL  678-3234-0490
Shackles on the mind in the 21st century, are
prominent remnants of slavery. Whether male or
female, young or old, rich or poor we have been
affected to some degree by the slavery experience of
our fore parents, or subsequent slavery concepts
especially in the areas of family, health and education.
Created in the image of God, we must break free to
fully embrace our God-given potential.   Committed to
serving my people, I facilitate workshops, deliver
speeches, and develop presentations that help build
strong and healthy Black families. I am dedicated to
serve. I welcome you to use me.