Get Ready for a Happy Marriage
Designed for couples contemplating marriage,
these workshops help couples to establish a
solid foundation for healthy marriage

Making Marriage Healthy and Happy
These workshops explore areas and strategies
that can lead to a healthy and happy marriage.

Reclaiming the Black Family
These workshops are designed to lead
participants to build healthier and stronger
interpersonal relationships and solidify family

Who the Black Man Is
This workshop/presentation introduces a
process for the adult black male to become
aware of our role as men and fathers, to raise
our level of responsibility for directing and
supporting our young men into healthy pathways
of manhood and fatherhood, and to develop a
network for collective, positive actions for
ourselves, our families, and our communities.

Passage to Manhood/Fatherhhood
This workshop provides direction for young men
to gain the skills for entering into healthy
manhood and fatherhood.

Black Men and Their Health
This workshop addresses specific techniques to
improve health in the areas of hypertension and
diabetes through a lifestyle behavioral approach.

Better Health, Better Life
This workshop provides direction for better
health by sharing proper nutritional intake, and
critical lifestyle behaviors and habits needed for
improved health.
Race and cultural competency
This workshop addresses knowledge and skills
necessary to increase cultural competencies,
conflict resolutions, and problem solving relating
to the African American.


White privilege and the African American  
This presentation identifies key elements that
help bridge the gap between white privilege and
the black dilemma. Gaining a clear
understanding of these concepts will provide
clarity in efforts to facilitate healthy reconciliation.


Understanding and  working with African
American students
This workshop is designed for teachers, both
white and black, who would like to work more
effectively with African American students.


Martin Luther King Jr.
Dr. Williams’ tenure as chair of the Greater
Rochester Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission
yields in-depth approach to the exploration of
King's principles. This workshop defines,
discusses and illustrates application of the ‘Six
Principles of Non Violence’  espoused by
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.



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