The Message: Empowering the Black Family
The Medium: Books, Workshops & Materials
The Messenger: Dr. Richard M. Williams
Institutionalized racism has infiltrated our family, our health and our education. The root cause of this
destruction was the enslavement of black people in the United States. Although slavery no longer exists,
its residuals still linger today. We must make non-effect the destructive power of institutionalized racism
on black communities. We need to restore and rebuild.
We are committed to educate, inform, stimulate and challenge as we move toward healing, reformation
and growth. We must…for our families, for our communities.


Dr. Richard M. Williams speaks and writes about issues and
problems affecting the black family, the black male, the black
female, the black child, health practices in the black community.
His workshops and presentations provoke thought, challenge the
status quo, educate, entertain and at times shake the core of
beliefs of participants. By explaining why Black Americans must
determine their destiny by themselves and for themselves his work
functions as catalyst in this very necessary process.
Books with a Message
As a primer for self- awareness and self-growth, this book examines
how the slavery experience in America impacts concepts, attitudes, and
behaviors of Blacks today. Not only does it explain how slavery
damaged the black male, the black female, and the black family, it also
maps out how to rebuild and regain that which was lost. The
restoration of blacks involves a holistic approach that includes the mind
and the body.  
They Stole It but You Must Return It provides practical
solutions to restoring our physical health as our communities continue
to battle health challenges that result from lifestyle habits and
traditions. The Department of Health and Human Services, Office of
Minority Health put this book on its “Recommended Reading List for
African Americans.” The Black Book Guide describes this book as a
young classic. This book is a must read for every African American.
They Stole It But You Must
Return It
Richard M. Williams Ed.D
Who's Defining Education for Your Child? is a manual for
African American parents. It points out how African
American parents can build educational success for their
children in spite of the negative effects of history and
tradition. It outlines the steps necessary for parents to
counter these effects. This book provides solutions by
helping frame a strong definition of education, as well as
how to create a home environment that supports the
definition with clear steps.
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Who's Defining Education
for Your Child
Richard M Williams Ed.D and
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